It’s all about U N I.
You get the best rental service
when I strive.

Rent a Unirent, Charger on the go, return anywhere.

It’s all about U N I. You get the best rental service when I strive.

Rent a Unirent, Charger on the go, return anywhere.

Our products

Rent from a list of convenient products

Unirent provides the users with an affordable, reliable, and convenient way to rent
numerous products. It’s the fastest and most convenient solution for the customer.

Fast, Powerful & Most efficient power bank for smart users.

Power Bank

Don't get stuck with a phone! Rent the latest smartphones. Try now and return anytime.

Smart Phone

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Rent fastest processors, from Intel i3 to Intel i7, great hard disk storage space and amazing RAM from 4GB to 16GB


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4 Simple Steps

It's so easy to rent from Unirent

Download Unirent from Apple App store or Google Play Store

In the app search nearest Unirent hub and scan the QR code to rent.

Use the Power bank to charge your devices.

Once finished charging, return the Unirent to any Unirent hub.


Unirent fast charging Power banks are available at super convenient hourly prices.

₹ 20 Per hour per unit.

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Unirent is constantly expanding


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Our Blog

Smoothest & Simplest platform created by Unirent to rent

The CEO of ‘Unirent’ – Mr. Ajay Dadhich, along with his enthusiastic team, launched an electronic rental service on Wednesday.

Advantages of renting over buying

We don’t ask one-off payment. You get a newly launched phone within a month, unlike 2nd hand.

All about the rental Plan

With a unique dashboard, UniRent now provides you with an easy way to track all your rentals and payment details at one

Know About Unirent

It’s the era of Digital India, and every service is becoming electronic. Power becomes the most crucial element to save and refill. With smartphones, tablets and laptops becoming the need of the hour, what happens when either of these run out of battery and you don’t have any source to charge? No one’s thought about it yet. Well, we did.
Unirent came up with an innovative idea to provide powerbanks to customers on rent.
Rent. Charge. Return.
What about other electronics? Huh? Worry not! Unirent provides Uniformity. We aren’t biased to any particular product. Here, we have rental plans for almost every electronic you can waste your hard-earned money on by otherwise purchasing. Why Buy It? Simply Rent it. With us. Because U & I Rent. Happily. Satisfactorily.

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